immersivecomputing @ Mario kart VR, London

Visited : August 2018

Bandai Namco’s Mariokart VR came to London in 2018 after being installed at ‘Hollywood Bowl’ inside the O2 venue in East London.

Of course a visit was arranged straight away…

4 racing seats awaited, each with an HTC Vive business edition headset.

Paper face masks for hygiene…

Neat headset stands for HTC Vive business edition headset

HTC tracking puck with hand strap

HTC tracking puck per hand allowing players to interact with object on the track while racing

Ready for Mariokart VR!

Several hectic minutes of Mariokart VR madness

Excellent fun and well worth visiting!

(note: it’s since moved to Namco World inside County Hall next to London Eye and Waterloo station.)

Thanks for reading. Rob Cole immersive_computing.


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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