immersivecomputing @ Discovery of Witches, Waterloo Station

Visited September 2018

Sometimes you catch the tail end of a news piece on television, in my case the mention of “VR”, new television show “Discovery of Witches” and “Waterloo station” in London.

Of course I visited the following day…

I found a self contained space in the middle of London’s Waterloo Station, promoting Sky Television’s original production “A Discovery of Witches” which had launched on 14th September (2 days before my visit). I’d tried one of Sky’s VR experiences before and found it very well done so had high hopes for this new experience.

Walking inside the room, I found a recreation of a library with some genuine props from the show. And noticed an Oculus Rift CV1 headset hanging off one of the walls, with some Touch controllers on the table!

The friendly staff soon had me up and running after getting the headset comfortable and the controllers into my hands. Without ruining the experience, I can say it was a high quality experience set inside an old library and I had an encounter with some magical forces.

Overall a high quality experience with great use of assets from the show; I often find a level of detail and texture not seen in many VR games as these experiences are paid for by well funded advertising budgets to promote a specific show or product.

The other interesting aspect of a marketing event like this one at Waterloo station is the sheer number of possible “eyeballs inside headsets” due to the huge numbers of travellers and visitors to the station every day (an average 250,000 per day!)

Putting these kinds of high quality VR experiences inside a busy terminus is a smart move to promote both the show and expose new people to VR, which has been done very well!

I really enjoyed using the Rift CV1 again as I’d not used them much, just at gaming shows and for occasional experiences as the HTC Vive was still dominating arcades and experiences.

CV1 was super comfortable, of course the superb Touch controllers and a good picture quality considering the resolution.

In fact, I liked it so much, I bought one the next month after I finished building my new PC.

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole, immersivecomputing


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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