Immersivecomputing @ Star Trek Bridge Crew, Sandbox

Visited June 2017

Sandbox opened in London’s Brick Lane to offer a venue for product launches, technology demos and interaction with the public.

I soon learned they had setup 4 gaming PC’s and 4 HTC Vive systems for the launch of the new “Star Trek Bridge Crew” VR game.

Heading there on Monday morning I found myself alone without other players but thankfully the game has AI crew so my game was on!

As no one else arrived I was lucky to have a full hour session to myself and thoroughly enjoyed captaining the Enterprise in VR.

The VR set-up was on the top floor above their main room below which had all kinds of other cool stuff to play with including an amazing hologram device.

Without any doubt my highlight was getting to check out a disassembled HTC Vive…

HTC Vive faceplate showing Triad Semiconductor diodes for steamVR tracking
HTC Vive eyebox
HTC Vive lens assembly with mechanical IPD adjustment
Samsung OLED display panel from HTC Vive headset
Triad Semiconductor diodes on tracking ring for HTC Vive Wand motion controller
HTC Vive Wand motion controller shaft with cover removed
HTC Vive steamVR 1.0 tracking base station with casing removed
HTC Vive tracking puck

Big thanks to the friendly staff at Sandbox for showing me around and letting me have an awesome Star Trek Bridge Crew session.

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole immersivecomputing


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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