Controllers, controllers, controllers…

“Many different controllers, they each have their own uses, their own form factors and their own quirks…no judgement here, I’ve enjoyed using all of them.”

Rob Cole,
Google Daydream – 3DoF
Oculus Go – 3DoF
Vive Focus – 3DoF
Samsung GearVR – 3DoF
HTC Vive Wand with Hyperkin cover – 6DoF
Sony PS4 dual shock (PSVR)
Playseat Gran Turismo (PSVR)
Force feedback wheel (PCVR system)
Oculus CV1 Touch – 6DoF
Paragliding toggles (PCVR system)
HTC Vive trackers and force feedback wheel (PCVR system)
HTC Vive wands – 6DoF
Optitrack blaster prop @ The Void – 6DoF
AIM controller (PSVR) – 6DoF
Lenovo Explorer (Microsoft WMR) – 6DoF
Oculus Touch (insight tracking) – 6DoF
Valve Index controller (Knuckles) – 6DoF
HTC Vive 2.0 tracking puck – 6DoF
FANATEC motion simulator (Samsung)
Xbox controller, Steam controller, Valve Index controllers and Logitech Gaming keyboard and mouse
Driving rig (PCVR system)
Microsoft Hololens hand tracking
Leap Motion hand tracking @ The Void
Steam controller
Xbox controller with wireless receiver in Index Frunk (PCVR)
Magic Leap Control – 6DoF
Valve Index controller (with Palm Boosters) – 6DoF
TG0 Etee Dev kit (3DoF)

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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