Immersivecomputing @ HTC event, The VR Concept, London

Visited July 2018

I heard through a contact that HTC were sponsoring a marketing event at Gameboxx Arena (Lost Rivers, Elephant and Castle) in South London.

After getting an invite I made my way there late afternoon and quickly found the venue which was being operated by The VR concept.

What I didn’t realize was HTC brought the first Vive Focus to the UK, and it was there to try, so I quickly got talking to the people from HTC to arrange a demo.

Shiny! Wall mounted PC’s and Vive Pro
HTC Vive Pro headset
Vive Pro wands with Hyperkin bumpers
First time trying Vive Pro and Beat Saber

Getting to try the Vive Pro was very interesting as I’d previously owned a HTC Vive. The jump in resolution was immediately noticeable whilst the ergonomics of the new headset were a big improvement, whilst also being easy to fit and adjust. Audio was effective and easily blocked out background noise.

Football simulator
Trying the Vive Focus.. first headset in the UK!

The HTC Vive Focus

I’d heard about the Vive Focus and seen all the product information that was available, the first standalone headset with 6DoF tracking, albeit using a single 3DoF motion controller similar to GearVR and Daydream.

The nice lady from HTC handed over the Focus which I quickly fitted and found myself in a strange football application with Chinese language. I managed to quit and found an application which had a rendered statue. I moved closer and around the statue revelling in the standalone freedom and accurate head tracking. Yep, it was very cool!

Vive Focus being tried for the first time
Lots of guests got to try the Vive Focus

Huge thanks to HTC and The VR Concept for putting on a great evening. It was very interesting to try the Vive Pro and especially the Vive Focus. The staff were super friendly and everyone was hyped to try the new equipment and enjoy the football themed entertainment.

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole,


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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