Immersivecomputing @ Samsung Note 9 demo, London

Visited September 2018

I’d made an online appointment to try the Oculus Rift CV1 again as I was looking to buy but wanted to check the fit and clarity.

After traveling across London to Westfield Shopping centre in Shepherds Bush I was disappointed that the rep from Oculus had failed to show up at the retail store that was hosting demos.

Whilst walking away I was pleasantly surprised to find a large Samsung marketing booth with numerous Samsung gadgets to play with.

Samsung GearVR controller

Spotting a GearVR, I asked if a demo was available and was advised to go around the corner of the booth.

Samsung GearVR on display

Walking around the corner, I found several people queuing for an impressive looking motion platform they were calling a “4D Experience”.

Samsung’s new Note9 was being used inside a GearVR, synced with the motion platform and running a chase camera style experience called “Volt : Future Racing”.

Strapped in using a waistbelt, I firmly gripped handles on my left and right as the demo was “energetic” to say the least. The VR was effective and looked great with the Note 9’s high resolution display.

Samsung Note 9 demo in action

Soon enough, my ride finished and I left the shopping centre happy to have tried something new and dynamic. I’ve used GearVR a number of times and found it comfortable and effective.

Samsung had a great experience here and it’s placement inside one of the UK’s busiest shopping centres was great news for VR, by giving people a thrilling taste whilst out shopping.

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole, immersivecomputing


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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