immersivecomputing @ Saturnz Barz, Gorillaz (Spirit House)

“This was hugely impressive on Google’s Daydream headset; using a Google Pixel XL smartphone and Sennheiser HD461 hi-fi headphones showcased the quality of this expertly crafted experience.

I preferred the original Daydream headset for this incredible gorillaz VR experience, as the second generation headset’s had Fresnel lenses which introduced unpleasant god rays.

There are 2 versions both free to download; the Daydream application, and the YouTube VR experience. The Daydream version was the premium version, no doubt.”

Rob Cole,

Platform: Google Daydream+ Pixel XL

For more information please follow this link:

Gorillaz ‘Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)’

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole,


Human exploration of the immersive computing interface

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